And explanation of Rimba Raya

In the jungles of Indonesia, there is a forest on the island of Borneo that is slowly being saved. The organization Rimba Raya has been working to ensure the protection and longevity of the reserve, and they are also working to ensure that the local people have job opportunities, and the local orangutan are protected and able to thrive and rebuild their numbers. The bioreserve is one of the worlds largest REDD+ certified reserves, which means that they are successful in their work to reduced emissions from avoided deforestation and degradation. This is an incredibly noble and necessary pursuit at this point in our history, as the planet has started to lose millions of acres of life giving rainforest and other types of forests. These are the areas that help to hold in all the carbon emissions, and without them the planet is beginning to warm, among other problems. But the Rimba Raya reserve is working hard to counteract that warming and that deforestation, which is also claiming the lives of the Borneo orangutan as well as the livelihoods of the local communities. Their mission is the help the local people to have positive income streams as well as long term employment opportunities that are not about deforestation or killing the local wildlife. rimba rayaThey help to provide clean water and other basic necessities in the communities that surround the reserve, just as they work to help ensure the protection of the wildlife that have taken up sanctuary inside the reserve.

Another major accomplishment of the Rimba Raya reserve is their protection of the peat swamp forest. This is one of the most important and diverse ecosystems in the world today, and it is also the most endangered. It alone gives life to over one thousand plant and animal species that all must be protected if they are to continue living on. In a part of the world where deforestation has become the norm and usually the only way to live, having a reserve like this able to exist, expand, and succeed is a testament to what can be accomplished if we all work together for preservation of the planet. The reserve is having a great and positive effect on the climate, by helping to house all those carbon gas emissions and helping to keep the air, water, and soil clean and free from the contaminants that come with the deforestation that is so rampant around the world. Because of the REDD+ certification, the reserve is able to continue operating under their vast resources and grant funding. As they are able to be more successful, they will also be able to attract more funding and help to ensure the long life of their reserve. It will continue to be a place that people can visit and learn from, and also a place that helps to support and increase the communities of animals and other species that life inside of the reserve and also the communities of people who are living around it and learning from the sustainable methods used there.

Find your creative side in a fabric store.

Are you a crafty sort? Do you enjoy arts and crafts? Do you like sewing and being creative? If so then Snappy Quilts will surely delight your artistic side. They offer modern and stylish fabrics for all of your quilting and creative needs. There are so many designer fabrics that you will fall in love with you had better unload your truck pretty fast, they have 4000 bolts to be exact, that is a lot of fabric! This family owned business will absolutely delight your senses. Nancy “Snappy” Boyd shares how she opened her lovely store, “so what do you do with your time after raising five kids, and after recovering from more than a decade of significant health problems.  How about opening a quilt shop! That was exactly the choice made by Nancy Boyd, founder and owner of Snappy Quilts. With no business experience, but with a love of quilting and a desire to create something new and different, she embarked on a completely new journey.
Nancy, called Snappy by her grandkids and family, was first introduced to quilting in the ’90′s by her best friend, Julie Dixon.  Having been involved in arts and crafts of all types for many years, she felt an immediate attraction and affinity to quilting.  What she loved the most was the opportunity to combine beautiful colors, patterns, and shapes together into unique creations of fabric art. Over time, Nancy and Julie spent many vacation days together quilting, and scouting quilt shops across Arizona and Colorado, looking for interesting fabrics and patterns.  While doing so, they often imagined what they would do if they could someday open their own shop.What started as a simple dream, later became a reality, as Nancy finally had the time, and felt healthy enough to chase that dream.  In 2011, with the help and advice of her friend Julie, Nancy set out to create a quilt shop different from any she had ever visited.  One that was more modern than traditional, more colorful than muted, more designer focused than classic, and importantly, one that carried fabric collections hard to find in traditional quilt shops.
To open the shop, Nancy held to a few basic principles:  Open the shop close to home.  Buy and carry only the fabrics that you personally love.  Hire and employ friends that share your love of quilting.  Keep it small.  Provide great selection and great service.  Don’t try to be all things to all people.  Have fun.”

fabric store

fabric store

Snappy’s story is great and so is her shop. I love supporting small family owned business. It is great for the community and gives a fair chance to the little guy. Snappy has really given her heart and soul into Snappy Quilts and you will definitely experience that when you go into the store. All of the brilliant colors will fill your heart with joy and put a warm smile on your face, not to mention those creative wheels will be spinning as you imagine all the countless possibilities that Snappy Quilts provides.

What is the Importance of a Pager System?

Pager systemsTechnology is evolving so rapidly, and it is sometimes hard to figure out which new devices and systems are worth the investment and which are not. In some cases, the newest technologies truly are the best systems around, but, in other cases, you may actually be better off with something more simple. There is no more fitting example than pagers, which are still in use, despite the fact that most people thought they would be replaced by cell phones. Pager systems offer some advantages that make them better suited, for certain situations, than cell phones. One of the biggest reasons why some organizations find it better to use pagers than cell phones is the fact that they are affordable yet reliable. Smart phones, on the other hand, are expensive and, oftentimes, unreliable. Obviously, if you need to have a conversation with someone, you need a phone. The problem with cellular phones is the fact that they can often lose reception and sometimes people cannot hear them. Pagers are an older, simpler technology, but they rely on stabler waves than cell phones, so you are substantially less likely to lose reception.

Even though everyone has a cell phone, a lot of professionals have a pager, as well. This is because we use cell phones for lots of things, and they are great, in terms of versatility. Of course, cell phones can be a bit shaky to rely on for very important or urgent matters. By having a separate pager, you can keep your urgent business calls separate from ordinary cell phone calls. A lot of corporations install staff pager systems, so they have a direct and effective way of getting ahold of important employees. Since all a pager message entails is a phone call to the caller, in most cases, you can often answer a client’s question from the comfort of your own home. In this way, pagers can actually reduce your level or work related stress.

Of course, the other major use of pagers, besides in the business world, is in emergency fields. Whether it is a fire department or a hospital, they likely have a pager system, of some kind, so they can reach doctors or firefighters on extremely short notice. Both doctors and firefighters are sometimes on call, and when their pagers sound an alarm, they must either call back or show up, depending on what they have been instructed to do. In the case of doctors, they may only need to call back, as the patient may have a medical question. In the case of surgeons, though, the page may be a signal to show up immediately. After all, there are times when a surgeon is needed on very short notice. The same is true of firefighters, obviously, as fires can happen anywhere, at any time. A reliable fire pager system can help a fire department operate more efficiently. Without it, the dispatcher may have to rely on phones to get ahold of people, which are not always as reliable.

Learn More About Type Rating Right Now

The recent merger of two major airlines had a huge impact on the commercial aviation industry. The rumors had been circulating for months, but then it seemed to just happen overnight, leaving airline staff all over the country reeling. Their leadership called an all-staff meeting and sent out a company-wide email to announce a bunch of different changes that would happen as a result of the merger.

First, there would be only one point of sale for any customer trying to buy flights on either airline, and that point of sale was the larger of the two systems. The smaller of the two airlines in question would suspend its operations for several days while its systems were incorporated. Even after the point of sale systems were incorporated, there were other lagging issues that would taken longer to resolve, such as which pilots would be able to fly which planes belonging to which airline. The two airlines operated two completely different fleets of planes, and required completely different type ratingflight airline training of pilots and training of flight crews. It would take some time to get everyone cross trained on all of the different planes and in the meantime, it would create a scheduling hassle to keep each pilot assigned to a specific fleet of planes but not the other.

That meant, essentially, that the two airlines were still operating completely independently of one another but with the same point of sale system. Pilots from the opposite fleet would be unable to back each other up, and if planes became available or unavailable, they were not easily interchanged without also changing the pilot and flight crew. Flight airline trainingbecame priority number once after the merger was finalized , because there would be absolutely no efficiency gained until that happened. Staff and leadership were growing increasingly concerned, because it seemed as though all of these little details went unconsidered by the financial people making the ultimate decisions about the merger.

The mistakes were quickly realized, however, and the new, merged company immediately went to work. Every single pilot who was not able to fly every jet in the new combined fleet (which was most of the pilots) was signed up for type rating training to fill any gaps, and make sure any pilot could fly any jet. Only then would they have true efficiency in their staff, and achieve the real purpose of merging the two airlines. It was quickly become a case study in how not to lose customers, as pilot’s hours were affected by their training programs and confusion over flights resulted heavily from the combination of the two point of sale systems.

A lot of hard work was done to make the merger happen, but it was clear that many people underestimated how much work it would take after the merger happened to make it a successful one. The airlines did not seem to have consulted some of the most important people in their business – their employees – and they paid for it in the beginning when they lost some customers. Hopefully, future mergers will learn from these lessons.


There are a number of older ranches available for sale in Colorado.

I just got back from driving from my hometown of Fort Collins to my current town of Denver. The drive is pretty easy, it is a total straight shot, and the thing about it is that it gives me some time to just think. I am not making a commentary about how people do not practice enough introspection or anything like that. Rather, the reason why I can bring that up is because it is possible to think about all that is going on in the world. The thing that I was thinking about most today was the fact that there were a ton of ranches that are for sale in Colorado right now. Seeing a for sale sign on the highway is nothing new. In fact, it makes a ton of sense for someone that actually wants to sell something. There are a ton of people that are passing by and it is a great way to gain more attention for whatever it is that you are trying to sell. So the fact that there were a huge number of ranches for sale should not be that big of a surprise.

ranches for saleHowever, I guess the thing that really surprised me was the fact that in a year that we have received so much rain, there should be more and more places that are lucrative.  The fact that farmers and ranchers are selling their properties now is the surprising thing. You would think that the vast majority of those people would wait to put up their ranches for sale when there would be low amounts of rain or something like that.  More specifically, not at a time when there would be a lot of profitability. Nevertheless, it seems that there are still a lot of people that really want to get out of the business.

There is nothing wrong with trying to get out of the ranching business, although I am kind of saddened by the fact that so many people in the community in which I grew up are starting to do that.  I would much prefer to see the older way of life, the ranching way of life to continue.  I have never been involved in that community, so obviously my opinion should not and does not really matter right now.  What does matter is that those families have the opportunity to seek out their own destiny.  It is not often that these families get the opportunity to get ahead in life, so the opportunity for them to their ranch for sale is usually a good one.  My hope for these families is that they can use that money to help their children get to college or further their education.  Ideally, you want for them to be able to go to college so that they can continue their family’s march toward the information economy and away from the arduous work that farming entails.  Hopefully that is the case and I actually have no idea, so really don’t listen to me about this.


Our company needed help designing a trade show booth.

I recently started a job at a new company and I have been put on a team to come up with new marketing strategies. I work for an electrical contractor and we are looking to expand our business across and the United States and into South America. The company has two divisions, construction design build and energy efficient. Energy Efficiency is what we are looking to market, we offer services that not many other companies do and we have become experts with rebates. My team has been tasked with getting the word out about our company and what we can do to help our clients save an enormous amount of energy on their electrical bills. What most people do not understand is that electrical work is tricky and there is much that goes into the process. Often times people dismiss our services because they believe they are a rip off, or rather they simply do not understand the work that goes into such projects and the value that they will receive in the end. This is not an easy task.

After much discussion our team decided that it would be a good idea to set up at some major trade shows in Denver and then a few across the nation. Trade show booths are a great way to catch the attention of potential customers. In order for this to happen the booth must be fashioned and set up appropriately. People need not only to be drawn to the booth but to be drawn into the booth giving us the opportunity to discuss with them the opportunities that we have for them. I have been a part of many trade shows and the booths with big flashy lights and eye catching signs are the booths that get the most traffic and attention. Many booths are lacking and boring and thus receive little attention. Our team soon realized that we needed the help of an outsider.

We did some digging and found that IGE Group was right around the corner from us. We were impressed with their portfolio and the big name clients they had worked with. We all figured that if Nokia and Shell were clients of IGE then they were probably good enough for us. Our hopes were that through the trade shows IGE could help promote our company as a nationwide service and eventually down the road be promoted and break into an international market. We had high hopes and big dreams and we all thought IGE was the company to make our trade show booth a dream come true.

The team at IGE was great. They listened to what our goals were and helped us come up with a plan. We all brainstormed together and came up with so many great ideas it was hard to land on just one. The contract part was swift and easy and we were all really impressed with the resources they had available.

When it was time for trade show day our event display design was the absolute best! We could not have hoped for more.

trade show booth

Collecting custom match boxes from restaurants

Custom match boxes are a great way for people to get the word out about their business. Many local restaurants and other businesses display custom match boxes with their company logo and contact information for their business.  People will pick these up while visiting and put them around their home or in their cars.  Once they have the matchboxes, they will serve as a reminder to the person about the business.  This is a great way to keep your business on peoples minds. For example, someone may be lighting a candle using a matchbox from a restaurant and it will serve as a reminder that they want to go back to that particular restaurant, or even spark a conversation amongst friends about your business which will help to spread the word about your business and grow your customer base.

Many people collect custom match boxes, which is why it is a great reason to invest in these for your business.  Grabbing a unique match box as your leave a restaurant is a fun thing to collect.  Some people like to collect these because they like to use the matches, other people like to collect them for fun and as a way to remember the places they have been and the restaurants they have visited.

There is also the very practical use of providing people with match boxes when they visit your business.  Unlike something that they will simply loose or throw away, like a flyer, a matchbox serves a purpose.  People will hold on to this and keep the matchbox because they know that it will come in handy.  This is a clever marketing trick- providing people with something that they will use ensures that they will keep it around.  This is one of the reasons people collect custom match boxes from restaurants and other businesses.

People really do appreciate a useful takeaway from their visit ti a restaurant. Providing people with something they can use and which will remind them of your business is a great way to market your company.  Many restaurants in Denver are doing this today.  Many restaurants that you walk into will have a display of unique and eye catching match books which include their logo and their contact information.

In conclusion, ordering custom match boxes for your restaurant is a smart move.  Many people collect custom matchboxes for a variety or reasons.  They either collect them because they will use them, or they collect them for nostalgic reasons. Some people simply like collecting free stuff!  Either way, it will serve as a constant reminder to people to come back and visit you.  Each time the light up a cigarette, they will see your restaurant and think of you.  Each time they light a candle, they will think of you. Anytime they strike up a match, they will think of you. Since so many people do collect match boxes, this is one of the best ways you can invest in something to help grow your business.


You Don’t Have To Be Relocating In Order To See The Benefits Of Self Storage

storage rentalIt’s ok to like material things and feel like they are needed in order to make us feel the way we want to feel. The guilt that exists inside a lot of us, for different reasons, I think, makes us feel bad about owning things that we don’t need, when there are so many people in other circumstances that barely have anything. Well, if you’re an American or anyone from a country where people care about their material possessions, whether it’s your home, your car, your furniture or your DVD collection, there are things that mean a lot to us. Whether those things should mean that much to us or not, isn’t the question, the question is how are you going to protect the things in your life that you care about? You treat them with care and a sense of caution right? You treat them as if they’re something that you don’t want to ruin and you behave accordingly in that regard, this is a good thing. If no one cared about anything, we’d be ruining things and throwing them out into piles that stack far higher and for miles longer than the trash and junk that we already produce at an alarming rate. The landfill business would turn into the biggest industry on the planet and then we’d start hauling things down to the Grand Canyon and start dumping them in. We might even put more money into the space industry so we could send piles of junk to space and let it float around out there for eternity. I don’t really want to clutter space up with junk and the last thing that I want to happen is have one of the natural wonders of the world sullied because we are trash and junk-producing maniacs without a clue. I’d prefer that we continue caring about things in our lives and when we need to move or relocate on short notice, we can sell, give away or rent out a storage unit to put it all in until we know what to do with it.

We are evolving, it’s just a slow process and now that technology is on such a roll, it’s getting pretty serious. We used to use antiquated pieces of technology and products, that are no longer necessary and what was once a tangible object, now exists in a virtual sense. Things like books, CDs and DVDs are good examples of this, now all you need is a Kindle or a computer and know where to download things from, then you’re able to entertain yourself now as much as you ever were. So, that means that the material possessions that we do amass, relatively speaking, probably mean more to us than they ever did before, thus, we want to protect them even more. That’s why considering a self-storage rental for things that you want to protect is a good idea. You don’t even have to be moving to come to the realization that even your house, isn’t the safest place to keep things that you care about, a storage unit makes more sense.

Air conditioning repair doesn’t have to be expensive.

One of the things that I was most please about this past summer with my apartment that I recently bought was the fact that it was the only apartment in the building that actually had AC.  I apologize for the poor grammar and sentence structure that I just put forth, but I was trying to write as quickly as possible.  Nevertheless, I have been using the AC a good amount so far this summer because it allows for me to get all of my rooms cool enough that I can actually sleep there.  I have been blown away by some of the hot days that we have had so far, so it has been great to gave all of the units running during the day.  I am also using those because I just got a dog and I want to make sure that the apartment is cool enough for her.  It has been great so far and only had one issue a few days ago.

ac repairA few days ago, there was this loud buzzing noise coming from both of the units at different times.  It was not a noise that I have heard before and it almost sounded like a door bell or a dryer going off or something like that.  It just sounded like a manufactured noise as opposed to the noise that would happen if something was breaking.  I called the air conditioning repair company and asked them some questions. It was interesting to hear about how they wanted to help me out.  I just had some questions and they were hesitant to answer any over the phone, but were very eager to get me to set up an appointment.  I was not super thrilled with how much pressure they were putting on me to make an appointment.  That is especially the case after they said that it would not be a free appointment.  I would have had to pay them to come out and just tell me that there was nothing wrong.  This did not work well for me, so I declined their offer to send someone out.  I think that it was ultimately a good decision because I have not heard the noise since.

AC repair is not something that I want to deal with right now. I just don’t have a ton of extra money and I think that it would start to add up.  It would be nice for me not to have to spend money on that right now and I would say the same for heating repair in my current apartment. The heater just is not that effective, but it is the only thing that I have.  I would be not happy if the heater would break, so knock on wood.  It would be great if they do not break for a long time because if they don’t and then they do when I have someone else living there, I would be able to write it off as a business expense to save money.

A New Set of Custom Window Coverings Makes The Difference


Ask yourself, when was the last time you gave your home or apartment a total interior makeover?  I know from personal experience, that changing up the look and style of your home won’t only make it a much more exciting and vibrant place to live, but it will also surprise and please guests and visitors, as it shows a lot of dedication to the cause.  If anything, a brand new change of style in your home will keep you motivated to be invested in your living situation.  Instead of simply going from day to day with your current decorations, make it a point to spruce up your home to make yourself have a better quality of life!  You can do this by choosing any part of your home and giving it a thorough once over.  If you’re still not pleased with the change, you might want to make it a point to completely replace this element of your home.  If you have enough time and money, many people suggest that you replace the flooring in your home, but the downside to that is not a lot of people have the resources for this time or money required, and it is usually an extended process.  I’ve always found that replacing the small but vital details of a home can make a world of difference, and normally don’t cost too much money or require a deep time investment!  Many projects in this mode of thought can be replacing kitchen cabinets, or my personal favorite, getting a new set of shutters for your home!  I’ve found that this is going to be not only the easiest way to spruce up your home to make it look new and exciting, but it is also one of the most cost efficient ways to do so!


First and foremost, replacing all of your window coverings with a new set of shades or blinds can make a huge difference in the look of your home.  They are also some of the easiest components of your house to take care of, as they are ideal for a quick clean.  All you need to do is take a simple feather duster to remove any accumulation of debris that occurs in your home!  This is far simpler than taking care of curtains for example, because the dust and debris in your home can’t simply be wiped off, as many sets of curtains need to be thoroughly laundered in order to be completely cleaned.  On top of this benefit, a new set of shutters can also save you on cooling costs as well!  Once they are fully closed, they do an excellent job of keeping out the sun’s rays, which can dramatically reduce the heat in your home or apartment by at least five degrees and this will eventually save you in cooling costs!  So, in the end, it makes complete sense to get a new set of blinds or shutters installed in your home, as they not only keep the look and feel of your home new and fresh, but they also provide other utilitarian benefits as well!