With as common place as plastic surgery is in today’s world, we sometimes take it for granted that there was once a time when having a cosmetic operation was very difficult, especially if you were not very wealthy. It is only since the 80’s that cosmetic operations started to be as normal as any other medical procedure done over the past 50 years. If it was the year 1954 and you wanted a simple facelift operation done, you might have to travel to one of the few medical centers in the United States that specialized in this operation. In the olden days cosmetic surgeons were not on every corner of every city. The main hubs for plastic surgery in those days were New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. If you were not fortunate enough to live in the big city, you would be traveling along ways to have your operation done and you would be paying a whole lot of cash too.

Thanks to the advancement of modern medicine and the popularity of cosmetic surgery over the past 60 years, today a cosmetic operation is an affordable and easy thing to achieve and some of the best doctors in the country specialize in just cosmetic operations. The difference from yesteryear is huge. Today getting a nosejob in Dalton City is just as simple as getting one in the big city because of the fact that excellent plastic surgeons are setting up shop all over the map.

In Colorado, the people have access to one of the best cosmetic men in the field, Dr Raval, of the Raval medical center in Denver is setting the bar for great work in cosmetic surgery. So much so, that people from all across the USA are traveling to have the good doctor do work on them. The thing about the Raval center is that he has taken all the elements of a great cosmetic center and rolled them up into one. The Raval center is setting the trend for what cosmetic surgery should be in today’s modern world. At Raval you not only get the best in all the latest cosmetic surgery options, you get the best in all the newest beauty products. Raval has taken going to the doctor for beauty issues to a higher level standard of excellence. It has long been time that people started to think outside of the box of a traditional medical center when it comes to the cosmetic beauty sector. Cosmetic surgery has come out of the closet and found its way into a smart mainstream market.

If you don’t live in Colorado and you do not want to travel across the country, no worries, these types of clinics have been popping up all over the country. It does not matter what operation interests you or what your budget is, there is sure to be a doctor near you who can help you out with what you need. For those who are looking into cosmetic surgery, thank god it is the year 2014!


As A Realtor, Knowing The Specifics Of Window Treatments Is Part Of The Job

As a realtor, I need to be knowledgable on a wide range of topics.  With each house that I show, I get questions about things like gutters and furnaces all the way to decorating suggestions and space optimization.  The longer any realtor is in the business the more he or she can help their clients, but it is difficult at first to have all of the answers.  Many clients don’t realize that realtors don’t always know everything about a house and it is not in the job description to be able to explain how a sprinkler system works.  However, many realtors take their jobs very seriously and study up on such topics so that they can be the best in the business.

Over the years I have invested a lot of time learning about anything and everything that goes on in a home.  I now have a pretty good knowledge base on foundations, roofs, landscaping, load-bearing walls, heating and cooling systems, and even pet-friendly floors.  My most recent learning adventure is interior design, and more specifically window treatments.  It seems like I have had a great deal of questions recently about window and lighting options in different spaces.  Perhaps the summer season creates more lighting and temperature questions, so I decided to expand my knowledge on shades, blinds, drapes, and anything else involved in window dressings.  As with everything I continue to learn about, there are a lot of options out there for clients.  In my research process I learned a few things about the window treatment services themselves, like what should be offered and what brands are the best.

custom window treatmentsWhether you are a realtor or a customer, you should ideally look for a window treatment service that has an actual house as the showroom so that you can see real life scenarios for each of their products.  This is a great way to gain some ideas if you’re not sure where to start with your own windows.  A realistic setting that allows you to touch, feel, or otherwise interact with different shades, blinds, drapes, and more is the perfect shopping situation.  And of course there are designers on hand to make suggestions and answer your decorating and operating questions.  I visited many showrooms in my area to get some design ideas and to learn about how certain systems work.  There are complex shades and blinds that can be customized to any window shape or style with remote battery controls or hidden sliders.  On the other end of the spectrum, some clients migrate toward simple drape and cornice combinations that give style to windows without too much maintenance.

I have learned so much about different options in the window treatment world that I now have a great knowledge base to offer my clients.  With each house I show I prepare a few design and treatment type suggestions so that the buyers can see themselves in the space more easily.  And now that I have spoken with so many designers and treatment consultants around town I know who to refer my clients to when they ask.

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There Are Many Options To Consider When Opting For a Custom Sandblasted Sign

custom signsNo matter what kind of business you might be advertising for, the beauty of a custom sandblasted sign will never go unnoticed.  Sandblasted signs typically show raised lettering with the negative space blasted out.  This gives the sign a unique 3D presentation with a pleasant textured background.  A few coats of paint on the raised details then makes the image and/or lettering pop.  This type of sign is custom-built and will stand apart from other vinyl, wood, plastic, or digital scrolling advertisements.  They are perfect for more professional lobbies or store fronts.  Sandblasted signs look great outdoors and in, and common placements of such signs include churches, complex entrances, storefronts, residential complexes, lobbies, parking lots, parks and recreational facilities, and historic districts.  Because they are custom, sandblasted signs come in a large variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to suit your business.

Most sign designers and professionals will give you the choice of redwood or cedar for the base of your sandblasted sign.  Those two woods have proven to work the best with this style of signage and will end up looking the best also.  There is also a newer medium that is becoming more popular, and that is High Density Urethan, or HDU, which is foam replacement for the natural woods that looks and feels almost identical.  This is an option that might be less expensive or easier to find because redwood and cedar materials are beginning to become more difficult to find.  One advantage that HDU provides over natural woods is that it doesn’t not shrink or swell with moisture, giving it a more lasting quality over time.

One advantage that cedar and redwood sandblasted signs give is that they are naturally occurring and thus will never create two signs that are exactly the same.  Wood holds its own unique patterns within, and that organic look will show through in your sign beautifully.  And whether you choose natural wood or HDU, there are two main texture patterns that you can choose from for the background of your final product: grain or pebble.  They both look great and go well with different lettering and image designs, so it’s all about personal preference.  Most sign makers can show you a portfolio of designs that are most commonly presented with sandblasting if you’re not sure where to start.  Although they are pretty versatile, sandblasted signs do look better with certain design schemes and color choices due to their natural look and feel.

I strongly encourage you to consider a sandblasted sign if you are looking into advertisement options.  Not only do they look professional and unique, but they will last for years indoors or out.  You would have a few choices to make in terms of colors, base materials, font, image, background texture, and shape but with each of those choices you will have the opportunity to make your business stand out even more.  Sandblasted signs have been around for years because the look and feel are so attractive to others, so definitely consider it for yourself.

Vape pens are gaining in prominence.

There is a long history of smoking marijuana and the newest chapter will undoubtedly involve the use of electronic smoking devices.  Vape pens have appeared everywhere and are the newest trend in smoking. It seems that every time one is driving to work or walking around at night, they could see people utilizing these devices.  The argument for a lot of people is that it is healthier than smoking because it eliminates the combustion that makes smoking so unhealthy.  Instead of the combustion, caused by lighting something on fire, there is a chamber of oil, usually hash oil, but often nicotine or shisha oil, that is instantly heated and turned into a steam.  It is then possible to inhale the steam which is able to enter the lungs through the normal channels.  The scientific community is still out on how much healthier this is as an option, but chances are that it is quite a bit better for people as it removes a lot of the toxins that could be built up through the use of a combustion method.  Nevertheless, there are still a number of ways that it is possible to smoke that involve the use of a lighter and pipe.

glass pipesIn the state of Colorado, it is very easy to come across people hawking glass blown pipes at concerts and in parks. These pipes have their own unique patterns and colors and are generally very pretty.  Many of these pipes are done by a local company called, Glass Blown Gifts. This company is able to produce a wide range of products that encourage people to really invest in a piece that is close to them personally.  It allows for them to be tied emotionally to the piece because they are all so unique.  One would be pressed to find a piece that they did not find to be attractive.  As a result, there has been a boom since marijuana was legalized in Colorado.

In November 2012, the voters went to the ballot and were able to legalize weed through Amendment 64.  The Amendment said that weed could be highly taxed and this was the main point of leverage for the people seeking is passage.  With many of the taxes going to new school construction and capital costs, the backers were able to gain about two thirds of the vote through the ballot measure.  It was a great victory for the state, despite the governor’s objections.  The fear was that it would be very difficult to police and the product would easily reach the hand of minors, who would be significantly impacted by the product due to the fact that they were still experiencing brain development.  With that in mind, it will be very interesting to see how the policing of the drug is going after one year.  There was already a great article about how none of the weed shops allowed a minor to even enter the premise in a local police sting operation.  Time will only tell and hopefully the scientific community will be able to add something soon.

Accurate Virus and Disease Surveillance Has Allowed Me To Travel Even Though I’m At Risk

Traveling has been a pretty big inconvenience for me for some time.  I’m almost 37 years old now, and when I was 19 I was diagnosed with a rare immune disorder.  Because of my condition, I’m constantly at risk near contagious viruses or other diseases.  The flu to most people is simply an annoyance that will be gone in a week or two, but for me the flu could be fatal.  So I haven’t left home in quite some time for fear of contracting something new.  Needless to say, I have got one of the worse cases of cabin fever in history.  I have made it to the beach a few times over the years, but that is only about 200 miles from my home.  And now that I’m restricted on what I can be exposed to, I have even more of a craving to get out and see the world.

For the past few years I’ve been working on a plan to get me out of the country safely.  It won’t be incredibly far but I will at least get to experience some different cultures and foods with my family by my side.  The key piece of my plan is Healtmap, a virus and disease surveillance website that provides hourly updates on all outbreaks across the globe.  What I used the most from this website is actually not the mapping and occurrence of disease, but the previous research and trends in where the outbreaks have happened in the past.  I used this information to find some of the most disease-free places in the world.  Once I narrowed those locations down it was easier to choose where I could travel, and once I picked just one spot that I would enjoy I tracked the occurrences of all types of flus, pathogens, vector borne and food borne illnesses, and the like over two years to determine when the best time of year would be to visit, and what risks that I might be exposed to if I visited.disease surveillance

And where did I decide to travel after all of that research? Canada of course.  I said it wasn’t a glamorous or exotic location – that would probably kill me.  But Canada, because it is a developed country, had a great amount of statistics available regarding disease patterns and future projections.  It is also close enough to drive to so that I don’t have to spend time in one of those virus-infused chambers that we call airplanes.

After years of research and decision-making with the help of Healthmap, I am finally ready to set out on the first trip in two decades.  Toronto should have a lot to offer, and since I’m going in the summer I won’t be freezing my fingers off.  It’s no Paris, but it’s more than I could ever ask for, literally.  The research team with Healthmap might never know how much they truly increased my quality of life by simply providing accurate information in real time.  With their mobile application I can continue to monitor the status of outbreaks in the area as I travel.

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How to plan and cater your next event.

When you think back to the last event you attended for work what do you remember the most? Was it the food? Was is was the impressive banquet room you were in? Or maybe it was two of your co-workers drinking way too much and embarrassing themselves in front of the entire company. If you are in charge of planning the next company event there are some things that you should take into consideration.

1.Food and drink.

Most of your budget should be allocated to food. Food is something that people tend to remember. If the food is good then they will remember that. If the food is bad then they will remember that and have a less favorable view of the entire night. If the food wasn’t worth remembering then the catering company fell short.

2.Consider the purpose.

Is this for a wedding? A business dinner? Perhaps an informal lunch. This will determine what you put on the menu and the location you choose. You wouldn’t want to have a wedding rehearsal dinner at a BBQ pit that offers a banquet room. Nor would you want to host an informal lunch at the upscale hotel banquet room.

3.When and where.

If you are planning a more casual event then you may want to consider doing a lunch. Lunches are more informal than dinners and don’t require as many decorations or add-ons. If you are planning something that you cant to be a little more upscale then an evening event may be more appropriate. You could potentially have the event at the same place for a lunch or dinner. You should have a good idea of where after following step 2.

Along with these tips the Lory Student Center of Colorado State University offers some advice on catering an event:

Have a schedule or agenda

Though it may seem unnecessary, remember, timing is everything! Professional caterers like to have all the arrangements completed prior to the scheduled time. Our services are ready 15 minutes beforehand.

Know your guest count

All food and beverage quantities rely on the guest count. Guest count is extremely vital for banquets with several meal choices. It is the customer’s responsibility to communicate to Catering exactly how many meals are needed of each kind.

Communicate all changes to Catering

As many people are directly involved with the success of your event from organization to staffing and serving, communication is vital in ensuring that your wishes are followed. Errors are unlikely to happen when everyone is on the same page.

If you follow all of these tips then you are likely to have a successful catered event. Remember that there are a lot of issues that may arise while you are planning the event. Make sure to be organized and keep in good communication with everyone necessary. Leaving someone in the dark may have adverse consequences on your event. Most importantly remember to have fun at your event and it will surely run as smoothly as you planned.



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You can Access ZAGG Phone Repair’s Services By Visiting Their Locations or their Website.

ZAGG Phone RepairGiven how reliant most of us are on electronic devices, such as cell phones and tablets, it is understandable why people get so frustrated when they break or malfunction, in some way.  When you carry out nearly every function with the help of your smartphone, it can be difficult to go even a short period of time without it.  Nevertheless, accidents happen and phones break, and you need to be able to deal with it, promptly and in a way that is economical and practical.  If you have ever tried to get your devices repaired by a major retail chain store, you likely got quoted a very exorbitant price.  If you choose a better cell phone repair company, you will save a lot of money, and you will still get a warranty.  ZAGG Phone Repair is an exceptionally reliable electric repair company.  You can get ahold of them by visiting their several locations or by visiting

Because of the extreme prevalence of overpriced retail stores, though, a lot of people have developed the notion that it is easier to get a new device than to try to repair the one that they have, but the opposite is true, in many instances.  In addition to economic reasons, it is also more practical and often smart, in many ways, to repair your current device, rather than to buy a brand new phone from your phone company.  For one thing, it is not always in the best interest of consumers to purchase the very newest electronic device on the market, especially if there is not a lot of impartial information available on the subject.  Once a device has been out for a year, or even less, in some cases, you can have a much more accurate impression of what to expect from it.  After all, it is better to pay a little for cell phone repair, in order to keep your great phone, than to spend a lot of money on a phone that may not be better than the one you had.

One reason why some people are such strong advocates of cell phone and tablet repair is the fact that it is beneficial to the environment.  The electronics industry takes a heavy toll on the environment, as each device is made of plastic and a bunch of other nonrenewable resources.  The fewer of these components that need to be mined or manufactured, the less of an impact there will be on the environment.  Whether you are dealing with a smart phone, a tablet, or an iPad, there is nearly always an amazingly simple and cost-effective way to repair the damage, as long as it is not terribly severe and the parts are available.  If you do have an iPad or an iPhone, you will almost certainly find that paying a company to take care of iPad screen repair or any other repairs with regards to your device is far cheaper than trying to buy a new device or to get the company you originally bought it from to repair it.

Get a glass chair mat for your office.

With the invention of the computer, many other inventions quickly appeared as a result of the wake that was created.  The computer was such a disruptive invention that it changed the way people do everything.  It has literally transformed human existence.  Nevertheless, it also heralded in an important invention that no one talks about and that is the glass chair mat.  The glass chair mat comes from humble beginnings as a way to protect floors from the rolling back and forth of a rolling chair on top of a flooring surface.  When you think about the wood floors you really wanted to have in the beautiful house, it would be reasonable to not think about what would happen should you roll a chair over them every day for ten years.  They would probably start to look pretty bad and that is where the chair mat comes into play.  For many homes, carpet is the answer and so they came up with these plastic chair mats to protect the carpet. It was a great idea until it turned out that the chairs would just sink in the carpet and essentially ruin the mats after not too much time.

glass chair mat officeTo fix this issue, many of the companies like, Vitrazza, replaced the plastic with glass, one that is tempered to resist the strain of someone in a rolling chair going over the carpet or the hardwood.  The glass chair mat was a game changer for the home offices. It allowed for people to up the production in their own homes and allowed for them to do so with a sense of purpose.  My father bought a plastic chair mat and although it was nowhere near the quality of the glass ones available, the plastic one did a decent job in the end.

It will be interesting to see how things change once we get more information around the effects on sitting all day.  We now know that sitting all day is an independent risk factor for health issues.  It causes heart disease.  As a result, it would not be surprising to see new inventions coming from companies like Vitrazza that market more toward the standing desk people.  Nevertheless, in the meantime, I could see more and more of the glass chair mats coming to prominence as we move to an open work environment. It will change a lot of the work day for a number of people and it should be interesting to see how much the American public is able to react and utilize these glass chair mats.

It will also be interesting to see the number of organizations that adopt the mats as a way to save the invest in the carpet.  Yes, most of these organizations are probably putting in high traffic carpets, but that does not mean that more and more may not look to get a cheaper carpet, while buying some of these chair mats. It would make sense from an investment point of view for the companies.



One of the greatest things about this country is that we have the unique opportunity to launch any product on a small local market and then be given the chance to take that product to an international level. The reason for this is a combination of circumstances that put us in the perfect place to take things out of the local zone and into the big world. Many other countries have people doing wonderful things from all kinds of industries, true revolutionaries, and yet because of the state of business in their regions, they might now ever be able to get their products or ideas off the ground. In the United States, going from local, to national and then to global is a feat readily achievable if you have a truly amazing product.

Case in point, indio window products.  While nothing new in the central California area, indio window treatments such as indio shutters, are starting to sneak into the global market for the first time. A truly inspirational story of how a local boy from California was able to provide the region of California with window covering so stylish and innovative that soon the whole country had become infatuated with these amazing window coverings. The indio blinds have already been shipped to Italy and Orient and that means that there is no limit to how far they will end up reaching. It might have something to do with the can do attitude that people take in the United States and it probably also has something t do with the fact that are local markets are so much larger than those of other countries that the initial first step of getting across small areas, is less of a fight than in other places. Advertisements are cheaper here than in so many other places and a person does not need to be a genius in the field of marketing for his product to take off. In this wonderful country, all you need is a quality product that has something no other product can offer and with a little hard work and a little faith, anyone can get into bigger markets and compete with the industry giants of any field.

You might be making ice cream or motorcycles, no matter what your line is, there is an opportunity for you to make it big in this land, which is what we see happening with indio window coverings. The world of blinds might be looking to the designers of out in indio for a long time to come too with all the new products that are being released onto the market. The people in indio know that to win over new customers and create large amounts of attention for a product, you have to be constantly releasing new styles and ideas so that the public does not get bored with you. Just to be from the United States is not enough to get you all the way there. It takes hard work and talent; thankfully, those are two things this country has never been short of.


If You are Running Out of Space, You should Consider Storage Rental.

storage rentalWhen settlers first explored the continent of North America, they never would have guessed that the United States would, one day, be experiencing a shortage of space, in some areas.  While it is shocking, considering how big the country is, in many urban areas in the United States, rent and real estate prices are absurdly high, due to the rapidly rising population, in the area.  This is not a real catastrophe, at all, but it is still a frustrating problem for those who find themselves running out of room in their house or apartment.  As you are probably aware if you live in an urban area, the first thing that gets sacrificed, in the interest of saving space, are your closets and other storage areas.  If you are dealing with a situation in which you have more things than places to put them, you should consider storage rental.

Storage rental, or self storage, has become incredibly pervasive, in the last ten to twenty years.  The concept of self storage has been around for decades, but, until recently, there was not nearly as high of a demand for it.  Needless to say, the main factor that has contributed to the high demand is the lack of space that is beginning to be felt.  Regardless of the general reasons behind the trend, self storage is a major industry, with many different companies that comprise it.  As with any large industry, comprised of many companies, though, there are good companies and bad companies.  The good self storage companies will charge you a very well-defined monthly fee, which will not change, based on frivolous details.  There are some self storage companies, though, that seek to take advantage of people, by having complex contracts that enable them to charge a bunch of additional fees.

In addition to just not being taken advantage of, which is really something to expect, in a general sense, there are a few other things you should expect from your self storage rental company.  Security is possibly the most important of all of these things.  Security is of the utmost importance, in the world of self storage, for the same reason it is important at a bank.  Both are industries that revolve around storing valuable items for people, until they need them.  Also, in both cases, there is insurance.  However, even if you have renter’s insurance on your possessions that are in self storage, you may not get everything back that you lost.  This is because a lot of the items stored in self storage units are invaluable, insofar as they are personal or have sentimental value.  Insurance will only be able and willing to compensate you, in a monetary sense.

Though self storage is often used to store large items, such as furniture, there are also mini storage units, to keep smaller quantities of items.  Mini self storage units are just as well-maintanined as full-sized ones, and they are no less secure, when it comes to preventing theft, vandalism, and other harm.